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Beauty from Inside Out

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Skin whitening products represents one of the rapidly growing segments in the global beauty industry. From January 2010 to June 2014, 30% of prestige face-care products debuting in Asia promised whitening effects, according to Mintel. Global Industry Analysts reports that the global skin lighteners market has been forecast to reach a value of US$19.8 billion by 2018, driven by the growing desire for light-coloured skin among both men and women primarily from the Asian, African and Middle East regions.

Urbanization in developing countries has also exposed consumers in Eastern markets to the Western notion of beauty, which, for example, continues to drive the market for skin-whitening products. There is therefore a greater preference for lighter, ‘fairer’ skin in many Asian and Middle Eastern countries, as fair skin is synonymous with beauty, success and an aspirational mindset to mimic the West. This sentiment is ingrained in societal attitudes and was pivotal in the dynamic and successful fairness cream trend that can be commonly observed in Asia and Middle East.

The Perfect Beauty Life® Whitening products are designed and developed in Switzerland by the Scientists of the Aenova Group. Both formulations are brand new in the Cosmetic & Nutricosmetic industry combining established and innovative ingredients for skin-lightening and containing the specially designed Lycolignol® -Complex. The Lycolignol® -Complex is a unique high-quality blend of three ingredients. It combines special grades of flaxseed extract, green tea extract and lycopene-rich tomato extract. It has proven antioxidant properties and protects the skin against the negative effects of free radicals. It is a scientific break-through in the beauty from inside out market.


Perfect Beauty Life® Whitening

  • New and innovative formulations developed in Switzerland
  • Contains unique Lycolignol® -Complex
  • Premium raw materials (with scientific proven efficacy)
  • Manufactured in Europe according GMP guidelines
  • Available dosage forms: soft capsule for oral application and day cream for topical application

Soft gelatin capsule:

  • Size: 9 minims
  • Form: oval
  • Special appearance (pearl effect)
  • Serving size: two-a-day

Facial day cream:

  • 30 ml dispenser
  • SPF 15
  • Hydroquinone-free
  • apply once-a-day